About Me




Photos.  Family.  Friendship.

Welcome to my little corner of the web.  This website started a few years ago, but as is the nature of modern day living, life gets in the way!

The beginning of my photographic journey — I realized that I wanted to broaden my abilities soon after my trip to Newfoundland with my beautiful wife. We took turns capturing moments from that trip, and both had very exciting results. However, soon we realized that we had a lot to learn, and our little Nikon CoolPix Point and Shoot camera was limited in our mutual desire to produce more pleasing results.

For the last 8 years,  I have been shooting with several different variations of Sony DSLRs, starting with the Sony A-200 – 10.2 MP and ending with a Sony Alpha 580 16 MP – Using an array of Sony, Tamron and Original Minolta Lenses.

It is January 2018, and I’ve been building momentum with my photography again, the passion reignited with the introduction of the Nikon D700.

So the rebuild of the site begins.  Here’s to new beginnings!

Currently I live and work in London, Ontario, Canada.

Artist Credit to Emma Read – (Star Wars Avatar)